SironaIt’s Monday again and time to showcase the books of authors who write in the wonderful world of Medieval romance. This week I’d like to introduce you to Bambi Lynn and her intriguing series of historical romance books with a twist of paranormal. This second book in her Gods of the Highlands series is called Sirona, and it features a heroine with unholy healing powers and a tortured hero.  Here’s a peek at the story:

Sirona Cleary tries to hide her unholy healing powers from everyone around her, denying her divine heritage even as she saves those who would see her punished. When she is kidnapped by a rival clan, she is sure her execution is near. Rhain Comyn is dying from a mysterious disease, and he couldn’t be more glad of it. After the atrocities he has committed, Rhain believes he has no right to a decent life and welcomes the ailment that leaves him with unquenchable thirst and hunger, extreme fatigue, blurred vision and ultimately drives him into a deep slumber from which no healer can awaken him. Can a witch from the clan of his enemy save him?

You can find out more about Bambi’s books on here Amazon author page here. Grab a copy of Sirona and step in the mystical world of the Gods of the Highlands series today:

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Happy reading!