Recommended Tools

Becca does personality coaching for writers, and if you have been directed to this page to find the testing tools, please keep reading. If you are looking for tools for writing or suggestions about how to be a better writer, I highly recommend going directly to Romance Writers of America, as they are a fantastic resource for writers at all points in their careers, regardless of whether or not you write romance. Also, if you’re looking for craft tools, check out the Margie Lawson Academy.

You can register for the (February) Write Better Faster class by clicking here.

When it comes to psychometric tests, what tool you use is very important. Here are the ones I suggest for the Myers-Briggs and the DISC that will give you at least somewhat reliable results (along with the percentages of behavior, for the MBTI). If you want the most reliable results, of course, take the paid versions that are adjudicated.

Free Myers-Briggs-type test:

Free DISC-type test:

And the paid versions, if you are interested in more accurate results.

Paid MBTI:

Paid Strengthsfinder:

Paid DISC:

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