My Montana: Road Trips

As part of Project: Rebrand, our Wednesdays here at will be dedicated to something called "My Montana." These posts will be our attempt to help you find things to do in the real Montana, both where I live and where my books are set. We'll do a combination of different things. Some will be "our secret" places--to give you [...]

New West Test Kitchen (NWTK): Indoor S'mores

As part of Project: Rebrand, we here at are developing a few new things. Fridays (although I'm late for last week--September 6) will now be recipe days. Or, as we're calling the spot, New West Test Kitchens. You can read about why it's called that here. For now, let's get on to the first test. Indoor S'mores (Beckatron) When [...]

What Is the New West Test Kitchen?

I don't know if you remember the old community cookbooks. Every church seemed to have one. I have several stacks of them, and had been lamenting for so long that some of these recipes were just un-make-able today. And yet, the taste experience is so nostalgic for us. We grew up eating the recipes at potlucks, weddings, parties, and tables. [...]

You Say Goal, I Say Gooooooooooal...

A fellow author recently posted on her Facbook page about goals that writers have. It got me to thinking about the trajectories that different careers take, to wherever they're going, and how hard it is to predict a person's road to success. For instance, I have one writer friend who wrote the book of her heart, self-published it, and made [...]

The Hard Truth About Authors Following Authors

How are you with hearing the hard truth? When I was a kid, I hated the hard truth. I was idealistic and naive. I thought the world revolved around me, everyone was really good at heart, and everything would turn out great in the end (complete with happy ending). While I still believe in happy endings, I know that they're [...]