#ListifyLife Words I Always Spell Wrong

It's that time again... #ListifyLife time. This week, we're talking about words we always spell wrong. I had to go to the spell-check to make sure they were right this time... :) Exercise (Excercise) Ceiling (Cieling) Carabiner (Caribeener) Playwright (Playwrite) Calendar (Calander) Independence (Independance) Camaraderie (Cameraderie) UGH. Just writing those words out gives me hives. I have inherited that "must be right [...]

Highway To Health: #deathtosugar

My name is Becca and I am addicted to sugar. #hiBecca I was listening to an interview with JJ Reddick this morning on sports radio and the hosts of the show were razzing him a little about how controlled and meticulous he is. He said something that made me stop and think hard about my life. He basically said, "I [...]

#amreading16 Summer Reading Scavenger Hunt

Stephen King is famous for telling writers to read more. As I was flipping through my rapidly growing TBR pile, I realized just how little I read now, compared to how much I used to read. Not only that, but I'm always reading the same things. So I'm going to challenge myself this year to a Summer Reading Challenge. I'm going [...]

Little Things That Make Me Happy #ListifyLife

It's that time again... ListifyLife time. This week, we're talking about the little things. There are a lot of little things that make me happy. Here are a few of mine. What are yours? Open spaces Whole leaf white tea, properly brewed My Plum Paper Planner Word Count stickers Watching old movies with my family Perfectly baked bread A really [...]

#ListifyLife Spring, For Me, Is...

#ListifyLife: Spring, For Me, Is: Taking off my snow tires. Days and days (and DAYS) of basketball... Thinking about a garage sale. Corned beef and cabbage. Getting ready for summer camps. Reading outside. Road Trips! What is spring for you?