#ListifyLife Spring Challenge

I found my people. List nerds. If you've been reading my blogs over the years (I've been blogging in some form since 2004), then you know how much I LOVE LISTS. Typically, lists not divisible by five, and the randomer, the better. So when I found Roni Loren's #ListifyLife challenge, I had a mini moment of ecstasy and decided to [...]

Thanks to My Fans and Followers for a Wonderful 2015!

I often tell my author friends that I have the best fans in the world. We just finished a special annual giveaway promotion in my Facebook group as a way for me to say thanks. Even though we had wonderful prizes this year--books donated by my author friends--they don't adequately express how I feel about you all. I have an [...]

Christmas Baking And Unplugging

If you know me, you know I love to bake. So for a foodie, what better time of the year than the holiday season? My holiday food memories growing up are vivid. Both my grandmothers had long established traditions of food on Christmas Eve and Christmas day: ham on one side of the family and prime rib on the other. [...]

Holiday Reverie - Movies

For me, holidays are the epitome of nostalgia. I don't know if it's because family is always together or the great food, anticipation of gifts, the music, the traditions--it all creates an expectancy of good feelings. When my family gets together around holiday time we like to watch movies. We even have been known to schedule an outing to the [...]

We Gather Together

Thanksgiving is coming--that day when we all get together and stuff ourselves like turkeys, watch football, and play cards or board games with friends and family. But the holiday is much more. Yes, I love the food, the fun, the family. But I also love taking a focused time to set aside and be thankful for everything I have and [...]