My Writer's Office

This is the second installment of my office re-design series (first installment here). I think I'm almost done, but there are some finishing touches I'm looking to add. I'm still not totally sold on a couple of the elements, but I'm letting myself live with them for awhile so I can decide what I do and don't want to change. [...]

What Belongs In An Author's Office?

As I mentioned on Facebook yesterday, I'm planning a DIY project this summer. I want to re-design my office. (Or perhaps, more accurately, design it. I'm not sure it currently has a design to re.) In my defense, I do think that because I live alone, there are things about my style that just haven't been solidified. But having a [...]

Why Saying No is Better Than Thumbs

I've been looking for something to give up for Lent. Kristy is giving up some very surgical stuff this Lent and it reminded me, I've been trying to come up with something good. Let me say something, first, about why I think it's important to give something up for Lent. There is a dearth of opportunities in our culture to [...]

Half the Battle (Or. Absolutely Worthless Writing Advice)

There used to be (and maybe there still is) a very famous quote that says: "Knowing is half the battle." This was my favorite quote for years. It was a good reminder to be aware and self-aware. It was also a reminder that there is another half to the battle, even after you realize you're already neck-deep. When I first [...]

My First Day as a Professional Writer

In RWA (Romance Writers of America), there are two professional designations that members can attain to align with other members in their similar situation. It creates networks that can better support authors in certain pieces of their careers. The first designation is called "PRO". It consists of anyone who has completed and/or submitted a manuscript, full-length. I was a PRO [...]