Revelatory Caramel Cake

I read an article in Food & Wine Magazine that raved about this cake, so I wanted to make it myself, just to see if it was really that good. Several of the comments on the recipe had to do with the instructions for the frosting being off and the recipe on the website not being properly tested, etc. So [...]

Spring (Cleaning) Is Coming!

There, I said it. SPRING! Spring is coming. Those of you who are fans of Game of Thrones know the ominous way in which House Stark always says "Winter is Coming" as though it were the worst news in the world. Well, when I say Spring is Coming, I mean it in the best possible way. After months of gloomy [...]

The Fourth Day of Christmas

On the fourth day of Christmas, in the famous counting song, the singers true love gave four collie birds (blackbirds--not "calling birds" as is commonly sung today). Blackbirds are generally accepted to be negative omens. No matter who's looking. Perhaps the one notable exception is the song "Blackbird" by the Beatles, where Paul McCartney writes of the freedom of the [...]

The Third Day of Christmas

After two days of celebrating the Twelve Days of Christmas, I've definitely realized that it's a good idea not to do any eating or celebrating before the feast time, because it's a lot of celebrating and feasting. :) So today, I went a bit of a different way. Because I got the fruit-of-the-month club for Christmas (from Harry and David--I [...]

NWTK: Christmas Tree Coffee Cake

This was a staple of my childhood. Every Christmas morning, there would appear on the breakfast table, a Christmas Tree Coffee Cake. It has a very particular look and taste and is unlike anything I've had before. There's a shortcut version I often see made out of cinnamon rolls, but it just isn't the same. So this year, I decided [...]