The Second Day of Christmas

If you've read the previous two posts on my Twelve Days of Christmas, you'll know that I'm trying to celebrate each of the feasts of the Christmas season this year, one by one. Yesterday was the Feast of Christ. Today, the second day, is the Feast of Steven. (Of course, as it would happen, there's a Dr. Who episode called [...]

The First Day of Christmas

Of course, the first day of Christmas is the feast of Christ. Christ Mass. The day dedicated to observing the birth of Christ. In the liturgical calendar, it is the second most important feast. Easter first. Christmas second. There are massive theological implications of this liturgical importance, but I'm not going to get into those right now because there are [...]

The Twelve Days of Christmas

Contrary to what appears to be going on around Facebook these days, the Twelve Days of Christmas are not the days leading up to Christmas. They are, in fact, the days between Christmas and Epiphany, and the twelve days of Christmas are meant to be twelve days of celebrating feast. While the well-known Christmas carol is likely to have evolved [...]

NWTK: Pretzel Cheesecake Jello Dessert

Well, it's been awhile since the last New West Test Kitchen post. I ended up going to an editing retreat and then on vacation to Vegas, and then November just got away from me. Plus, my counterpart was moving into her brand new house, so we decided to take a small hiatus. But now I'm back. We'll resume the regularly [...]

A New View From Here

It's Monday, so it's "View From Here" time at That means I try to dig in to what's going on in my writing life, at my writing desk, etc. Well, a couple Mondays ago, a friend of mine posted this on his web page. Five Things Super Successful People Do Before 8am. It's a Forbes article on the habits [...]