Episode 131 - How to Successfully Collaborate With Other Authors

This week's podcast for authors is about how to collaborate successfully with others in writing projects. We revisit an interview we did with Honoree Corder, nonfiction author and coach. Enjoy!   Show Notes And Links -What does the collaboration process look like? -How do you find another author to collaborate with? -How do you actually share duties on a project? [...]

Episode 130- Time for a Midyear Book Marketing Check-Up

In this week's podcast, Chris revisits her 2019 marketing recommendations. We'll see how we're all doing so far.  Links & Show Notes: -How's your book marketing doing? Are your books selling as well as you'd hoped? It's probably time for a book marketing check-up. -Why it's time for a marketing disruption and what that means. -Why readers' desires are going [...]

Episode 129 - How to Avoid Reputation Damage in a Twitter Storm

In a nutshell, know the rules of engagement. Authors need to learn how to protect their reputations by avoiding unnecessary conflict online. In this week's podcast, number two in the series on crisis management, I interview my mom, an experienced crisis manager, on how to stay out of trouble online.  Links & Show Notes: -How to separate fact from fiction [...]

Episode 128 - How to Handle an Online Crisis

On this week's Smarty Pants Book Marketing Podcast, I get to interview my mom about her experience as a crisis manager and her tips for authors on how to handle an online attack. It's a good one--our first in the Summer Blast From The Past series. Also, check out her book in the show notes:   Links and Show Notes: [...]

Episode 124 - Should You Start a Podcast?

In this week's podcast, my Mom gives us a few good reasons to start a podcast and one big one not to. If you're thinking about starting up a show, you should take a listen. This is going to be a multi-episode series. Enjoy!   Show Notes & Links: -Always start with your "why." -One bad reason why you should [...]