Episode 46 - The Forgotten Essentials That Sell More Books

In today's episode author and entrepreneur Bryan Cohen reveals his Selling Trilogy--the forgotten essentials that sell more books. Show Notes & Links: -Why good copywriting mean sells more books (and the data to prove it!) -Good copywriting starts with a hook that leads people to read the next line. -The characteristics of a good hook. -Should authors be using review [...]

Episode 45 - Three of the Biggest Book Marketing Myths Debunked

In today’s episode Chris and Becca debunk three of the biggest book marketing myths authors believe. Show Notes & Links: -Chris is the good cop, Becca is the bad cop (sometimes). -Reasons why authors need to be careful when they copy the book marketing promotions of other authors and expect the same results. -Is it true that once you get [...]

The Storytelling Heart Of An Author

I had the wonderful opportunity last fall to be a guest on the radio show of an old friend, Vonni Widdis. Vonni is president of Nextep Digital Storytelling & Consulting  in Regina, Saskatchewan (Canada). Nextep is a digital storytelling consulting business helping people bring their personal narratives to life. You can find out more about Vonnie here. Vonni's show airs on BBM [...]