Episode 106 - What's the Difference Between an Agent and a Publicist?

Do you think you need an agent or a publicist? Sometimes I not sure we understand what each one does and how they can help us. In this week's podcast, we asked publicity expert Sandra Beckwith to answer that question.  Links & Show Notes: -The job description of a publicist and how they help authors. Also, what they don't do. [...]

Episode 105 - What's Working in Book Marketing Now and What is Not with Kevin Tumlinson

In this episode Chris interviews Kevin Tumlinson, marketing director at Draft2Digital, about which book marketing trends are workin' and which ones ain't.  Wish I could have been in on this interview but, I'm in Nashville. I love this topic--content marketing. Something that works for every author at every level. Enjoy! Links & Show Notes -Draft2Digital's newest staff member--we think you've [...]

Episode 104 - The Secrets to Great Book Covers

A cover can make or break a book. On this week's podcast, we asked cover design expert Joel Friedlander to share his expertise. He has a very cool monthly blog feature called the EBook Design Awards where authors can submit their covers for a critique. Every month he picks the best and talks about the strong and weak points of [...]

Episode 103 - Stop Wasting Time Creating Social Media Content

My mom (Chris Syme) knows her stuff when it comes to content. In this podcast she outlines the three types of content every author needs to have to sell more books and build loyalty. Not channel you need to be on, but just the types of content you should be producing. Nothing more, nothing less. I'm off for a while. [...]

Learn how to be a Newsletter Ninja

If you've been struggling with your email newsletter or email marketing in general, this podcast will be a HUGE help. Yes, I did put that in caps for a reason. Tammi Labrecque wrote a fantastic book called Newsletter Ninja and we got her on the podcast to flesh out exactly what that means. You'll want to take notes...and share. Let [...]