5 Ways to Turbo Boost Your Author Biz in 2018

In this episode Chris and Becca talk about five paradigm shifts authors need to make to succeed in their author business in 2018. It's just around the corner so let's get going! Show Notes & Links: -Why authors need to concentrate on writing better books in 2018. -The ying and yang of FOMO (the fear of missing out). Can it [...]

Episode 69 - How to Write Like a Boss with Honoree Corder & Ben Hale

In this week's episode we interview Honoree Corder and Ben Hale, co-authors of a new series of books designed to help authors make writing their full-time career and write like a boss. Links & Show Notes: -Why becoming a writing professional is like baking a batch of cookies. -What the heck is a writing hobbyist? -Why authors need business goals. [...]

Episode 67-Produce & Promote Your Own Audio Books With Kate Tilton

In this episode Chris and guest co-host Kate Tilton discuss the process of producing and promoting your own audio books. Show Notes & Links: -How ACX University helps authors navigate the audio book process. -Some of the initial questions authors need to ask before considering audio books. -Pros and cons of releasing an audio book at the same time as [...]

Episode 66 - Joanna Penn on the Business of Becoming a Full-Time Author

In this episode Chris and Becca interview successful author-entrepreneur Joanna Penn about the keys to her success and advice for other authors who want to make a full-time living publishing their books. Show Notes & Links -Hear Joanna's story and how she pulled the plug on a successful corporate career to pursue building her own author business. -What is the [...]

Episode 64 - Honoree Corder on How to Successfully Collaborate With Other Authors

In this episode we interview rock star nonfiction author and coach Honoree Corder on how to collaborate on projects with other authors. Learn what it takes to work with another author. Show Notes And Links -What does the collaboration process look like? -How do you find another author to collaborate with? -How do you actually share duties on a project? [...]