Episode 48 - The Only 3 Marketing Goals Every Author Needs

In this episode Chris and Becca talk about the three marketing goals that every author needs, and how goals will help your marketing plan succeed.  Show Notes & Links: -Why do authors need marketing goals, anyway? -How to get new readers to discover your books? -Why authors tend to skip discovery marketing and just concentrate on sales -The three main [...]

Episode 47 - Find Your Best Market And Sell More Books

In this episode K-Lytics founder Alex Newton shows authors how targeted market research before you publish can help you sell more books. Show Notes and Links - What is K-Lytics and how does it help authors sell more books? -How is K-Lytics different from other keyword-type tools out there? -How you can know if your book has the potential to [...]

Episode 46 - The Forgotten Essentials That Sell More Books

In today's episode author and entrepreneur Bryan Cohen reveals his Selling Trilogy--the forgotten essentials that sell more books. Show Notes & Links: -Why good copywriting mean sells more books (and the data to prove it!) -Good copywriting starts with a hook that leads people to read the next line. -The characteristics of a good hook. -Should authors be using review [...]

Episode 45 - Three of the Biggest Book Marketing Myths Debunked

In today’s episode Chris and Becca debunk three of the biggest book marketing myths authors believe. Show Notes & Links: -Chris is the good cop, Becca is the bad cop (sometimes). -Reasons why authors need to be careful when they copy the book marketing promotions of other authors and expect the same results. -Is it true that once you get [...]

The Problem With Setting Goals

I've been working through a couple of goal-setting books in the last couple of weeks. I won't name either one of them, because there is nothing magic about the particular goal-setting book you use. They're all mostly the same. They all encourage you to set goals (six, ten, fifteen, whatever number) and then ask you to break down those goals [...]