Productivity Hacks For Writers

Many of us don't realize the kind of effect our immediate environment has on our productivity. So at the onset of NaNoWriMo, we're going to have a quick conversation about your environment. Have you ever had one of these experiences? You're a commonly kind and loving person. Bright. Warm. But when you're in your mother's house, you find yourself saying [...]

#amreading Summer Reading Challenge

We're opening the Summer Reading Scavenger Hunt with the announcement of the categories. The graphic to the left is the "official" version of the list. I'll try to keep this posted regularly, so you can see what the categories are. Here's how to play. You can participate via the Becca Nation Facebook group (or the R.L. Syme / Becca Boyd Facebook [...]

#ListifyLife Words I Always Spell Wrong

It's that time again... #ListifyLife time. This week, we're talking about words we always spell wrong. I had to go to the spell-check to make sure they were right this time... :) Exercise (Excercise) Ceiling (Cieling) Carabiner (Caribeener) Playwright (Playwrite) Calendar (Calander) Independence (Independance) Camaraderie (Cameraderie) UGH. Just writing those words out gives me hives. I have inherited that "must be right [...]

Highway To Health: #deathtosugar

My name is Becca and I am addicted to sugar. #hiBecca I was listening to an interview with JJ Reddick this morning on sports radio and the hosts of the show were razzing him a little about how controlled and meticulous he is. He said something that made me stop and think hard about my life. He basically said, "I [...]

#amreading16 Summer Reading Scavenger Hunt

Stephen King is famous for telling writers to read more. As I was flipping through my rapidly growing TBR pile, I realized just how little I read now, compared to how much I used to read. Not only that, but I'm always reading the same things. So I'm going to challenge myself this year to a Summer Reading Challenge. I'm going [...]