Holiday Reverie - Movies

For me, holidays are the epitome of nostalgia. I don't know if it's because family is always together or the great food, anticipation of gifts, the music, the traditions--it all creates an expectancy of good feelings. When my family gets together around holiday time we like to watch movies. We even have been known to schedule an outing to the [...]

We Gather Together

Thanksgiving is coming--that day when we all get together and stuff ourselves like turkeys, watch football, and play cards or board games with friends and family. But the holiday is much more. Yes, I love the food, the fun, the family. But I also love taking a focused time to set aside and be thankful for everything I have and [...]

Let's Stay Connected

Fall is almost here. Pretty soon leaves will be turning brilliant colors, football will start, jackets will come out of hiding (for those of us in the northern states) and school will be in session. As we all settle in to routines, I hope you will stay connected. Here are some ways we can keep in touch. Facebook changed their [...]

How Many Days Left?

In the last season of The West Wing, there's an episode called 365. It begins with Leo calling the staff together to discuss strategy, and one-by-one, everyone gets called away by some crisis. The first scene ends with Leo standing alone in his office, then he turns and writes "365" on the white board. At the end of the episode, the President [...]

Saturday Is For Weddings

I love weddings. My little sister got married in San Diego in June and it was so much fun being a part of her special day. I discovered that weddings are about details--wow. One of my favorite experiences was spending the wedding morning and early afternoon with the rest of the bridal party (and moms) getting our hair and make-up [...]