Episode 122 - When to Use BookBub Ads and How to Bid Successfully

This episode is the third of a three-part super series on how to become a BookBub ads expert with David Gaughran. If you haven't listened to episodes one and two, I recommend you start there. Here's the link to the first show in the series: ******************************* In this episode Chris and smarty pants guest David Gaughran talk about how [...]

Episode 121 - How to Put Together a Killer BookBub Ad

Part two of three on becoming a BookBub ads expert. If you haven't listened to part one, click here and listen first. Then come back! ******************************************* In this episode David Gaughran and my mom (Chris) discuss the tips and tricks to images and targeting on BookBub ads. It's not like Facebook or Amazon ads, so you need to know the [...]

Episode 120 - How to Become a BookBub Ads Expert - part 1

This week, Chris starts a three-week series with David Gaughran, author of the new book, BookBub Ads Expert. In this first part, it's all about how to test for success and find a template you can use to replicate for success.   Show Notes & Links: -Why David wrote his new book and how he got his data. -Why testing [...]

Episode 119 - The One Thing Every Author Needs to Keep

Woo-hoo. I get to do this week's podcast again! We're continuing to introduce my new podcast called The Quitcast--what to quit, what to keep, and what to question. This week it's all about what to keep. Do you know your strengths? Find out this week. .   Show Notes & Links: - The best predictor of your success: your strengths. [...]

Episode 118 - The One Thing Every Author Needs to Quit

I got to introduce my new podcast, The Quitcast, on this week's Smarty Pants Book Marketing Podcast with my mom. What fun. Be sure and listen--you'll want to know the one thing you need to quit doing today. Links & Show Notes -Introducing The Quitcast, a new videocast on YouTube for authors who want to take the next step in [...]