The Unlikely Pair

We all know these couples, right? The ones that don't appear to belong together. The brainiac and the jock. The stripper and the prince. Okay, so maybe that one's a little less well-known. But you get what I mean. As readers (or people), we have certain expectations about who should be together. When we hear "prince", we think "princess". We're [...]

The Unlikely Hero

I'm seeing a very interesting trend in romance novels these days. Two heroes. Every girl's fantasy, right? Choosing between two great men? Wrong. Of course, that's the most difficult thing a girl can be faced with. Every potential boyfriend represents life. And no matter how much you love someone (or how attracted you are to someone), the decision between two [...]

Need To Read

There's a consensus among writers that we should not only be voracious writers (to... y'know, get those books done), but we should also be voracious readers. I learned that the hard way, last year. I used to review books regularly. It wasn't unusual for me to read over 300 books in a year. But when I started writing to deadline, [...]

I Hate You, Really.

Writers are narcissists. Think about it. We are so enamored with our written words that we (either on our own or with a group of other people) put them into print for everyone to see. Sure, it's often worth reading, but think about how narcissistic that is. That's why it hurts so much when you get criticism. If someone compliments [...]

Throwing Out the Pitch

Harlequin Love Inspired is hosting something like a Matchmaker event for pitches to all their lines. In leading up to the event, they've been posting many suggestions on their blog, and as a result of keeping up with this, I've found quite possibly the best blog on pitching that I've ever read before. The blogger's name is Lisa Phillips, and [...]