3 Reasons Why Your Lead Magnet is Not Enough

On this week's podcast, my mom questions the premise of a lead magnet. When is it not a good thing. Be sure and take a listen and pass it along. And a special shout out to those of you that do share the show. We really appreciate you! In this week's episode of the Smarty Pants Book Marketing Podcast, Chris [...]

Episode 116 - Why Social Media Helps You Sell More Books

My mom, the data nerd, is back with another episode loaded with stats on why social media helps you sell books. All in the name of selling more books with less marketing. Hope you're having a great week!  In this week's show Chris analyzes data on how social media helps word-of-mouth and increases sales. Also, why most authors only need [...]

Episode 115 - How to find the right promotion for your book

In this episode Chris interviews Ricardo Fayet, one of the founders of Reedsy, about their new Book Promotions Services data base. This searchable data base helps authors find specific promotions that fit their platform level, their budget, and their goals. Show Notes & Links: -What in the heck is Reedsy? -Sorting through the Book Promotions Services data base by criteria. [...]

All You Need To Sell More Books [Part One]

In this week's episode of our podcast, my mom shares the formula she uses to help authors learn how to sell more books with less marketing. The formula: The Big Three + Platform-Specific Promotions. This week's show is about the first part: The Big Three. If you're trying to streamline your marketing system so you can spend more time writing, [...]

Episode 113 - The 3 Fundamentals to Start Selling More Books With Less Marketing

In this episode, Chris talks about three fundamentals you need to master to sell more books with less marketing. The beginning of a series on selling more books with less marketing in 2019. Show Notes & Links: The three fundamentals you need to master to give your marketing plan the best chance of success. 1. Platform: why a good book [...]