Chicken Tawook

Likely, most of us have heard of Chicken Tikka Masala—a hearty Indian dish with tomato sauce. Well, I was introduced to its Lebanese equivalent a few years ago, and I’ve never looked back. The Chicken Tawook I had quite literally drove me to find this recipe and now, whenever I have a chance, I make it. I tend to make [...]

Pontiff-icating: To Liberate and Conserve

I was listening to Father Rocky talk today on King of Kings Catholic radio (Relevant Radio) because I like to go straight to the source for my news. As we all know, today was the election of the newest Pope, and while the news was being discussed everywhere from Facebook to Fox News, I wanted to hear what the most [...]

The Next Big Thing

It's been roughly two months since His Wounded Heart hit the shelves and the most common question I'm getting from readers and friends is: what are you working on next? Well, as I've told many of you, I'm working on the sequel. Here are some of the consequences of writing a sequel. Or even contemplating one. Reader Expectations. Everyone who's read the first [...]