Episode 98 - Why Some Book Marketing Systems Fail

This week my mom (Chris) talks about why authors need to consider their platform level when they build a marketing system.  She'll start out by telling us what the difference is between a marketing system and a marketing strategy. It's good stuff. I'm on vacation, by the way. ;) When you'r done listening, go over to the podcast page at [...]

Episode 97 - Facebook Changes Authors Need to Know About

In this week's Smarty Pants Book Marketing podcast, my mom looks at a couple changes in Facebook policies that may affect some authors. If you use the Shop tab or automatically post to your personal profile using third party apps like Buffer, you'll want to listen!

August Write Better-Faster Class Now Open

For all my author friends: The August edition of Write Better-Faster is now open for registration. Here's a little bit about the online class: Do you want to write faster?  Are you stuck or stalled in your process? Stuck in a book? Can't plot? Are you frustrated with your lack of productivity? Have you been trying other strategies, which never [...]

Episode 94 - How to Do Simple Audience Research to Find Your Readers

This week Chris takes over the podcast to give us all some quick tips on how to do basic audience research to find our readers. I like the fact that the advice is simple--I don't have to be a research scientist to find my readers. Hope you enjoy! Links & Show Notes: -Why you don't need to cast a wide [...]

Episode 93 - How to Sell Books Successfully With Social Media

This week we tackle a subject that is a conundrum for many authors: how to sell with social media. I feel for those of you out there that hate social media. But we are not out to convert you. This podcast is for authors who are serious about selling more books from their social media profiles. If you're not on [...]