Episode 92 - How to Take Your Readers From Strangers to Superfans

Even though I missed out on co-hosting this week's podcast, it is one of my favorites. Chris got to interview David Gaughran about his new book Strangers To Superfans. Please listen and share with your author friends. This stuff will change the way you do your book marketing.  In the show Chris calls this "possibly the best book marketing book ever," [...]

Episode 91 - The Three New Rules of Email Marketing

I was under the weather a bit this week so Chris took over the podcast and talked about the three new rules of email marketing. They may stretch you a bit but they are important to understand. Here you go. In this episode Chris outlines the three new rules of email marketing all authors need to pay attention to. As [...]

Episode 90 - Crisis Management For Authors Part 2 - How to Know When to Take Action

This week we're finishing up our two-episode series on crisis management for authors and I'm excited about this one. We're going to learn when we should take action on something that happens and when we should just ignore. Also, we'll talk about how to separate fact from fiction--it's a pretty big deal in knowing what to do next. Show Notes [...]

Episode 89 - It Could Happen to You - Crisis Management for Authors

I'm excited to share this week's podcast. Not just because it's timely but because my podcast co-host just happens to be an expert in the subject. Chris Syme (my mom) spent many years as a crisis manager helping universities, athletes, and businesses learn how to handle crises. In this podcast she shares a formula with us for steps we can [...]

The Strangled Strudel by Kim Davis

Straight from the pages of Vangie Vale And The Strangled Strudel, Kim Davis gives her video rendition of the recipe from the third Matchbaker Mysteries book. Visit Kim's wonderful blog for more recipes from your favorite Cozy Culinary Mysteries.