The Hard Truth About Authors Following Authors

How are you with hearing the hard truth? When I was a kid, I hated the hard truth. I was idealistic and naive. I thought the world revolved around me, everyone was really good at heart, and everything would turn out great in the end (complete with happy ending). While I still believe in happy endings, I know that they're [...]

Summer TV Hits & Misses

Summer used to be the season of re-runs. Didn't it? I don't know when TV stations started doing this... well, I kinda remember... but it seems like summer has become the season of experiments. And like all things, some experiments succeed and some fail. Here's my take on what's currently making A's and what's currently in the toilet. (Mixed metaphors, [...]

A Particular Nostalgia

There's a specific kind of nostalgia that overtakes me when I am physically at home. My old home, I guess. Where I grew up. I can conjure nostalgia about almost anything, when it really comes down to it, but childhood memories are different. Of course, the general assumption when a person carries heavy childhood nostalgia is that they want to [...]

Why We Should Still Be Praying for Boston

I read this article in The Atlantic, which was really very interesting. In essence, it noted the frequency of the words "pray for Boston" on social media just following the crisis. I'm sure the same thing could be said of almost all crises. Everyone is worried when something happens (even when it doesn't affect them directly), but almost no one [...]

I Was A Stranger

Today is my day to get all theological on y'all, so buckle up. (Or, fast forward, if this isn't your thing.) In preparing for an upcoming book, I've been researching issues surrounding immigration and the church. Since this seems to be such a hot topic lately, my temptation is to steer well clear of it. Take the scenic route around [...]