Episode 59 - Top 10 Tips to Sell More Books on Facebook

In this episode you'll get 10 terrific tips to sell more books on Facebook. You'll wanna take notes. **Special announcement: Becca's Write Better Faster class is open again. If you didn't get in last time, be sure and grab your seat early. Click here for more info.  Show Notes & Links -We review the "Golden Rule of Selling On Social [...]

Episode 58 - How to Sell Your Books Without Feeling Sleazy - Pt. 2

In this episode, Chris continues the mini series on how to sell by looking closer at the 80-20 Content Rule, or how to write content that is so valuable readers will want more. Show Notes & Links: -Why you need to go back and listen to episode 57 if you haven't already. -Review of the research - the principle of [...]

Episode 57 - How to Sell Your Books Online Without Feeling Sleazy

In this episode, Chris and Becca start a mini series on how to sell books online. Using questions they've received from authors, they'll start this week with giving you their secret formula for selling books online without feeling sleazy. It's not what you think! Show Notes & Links: What you'll learn: -The golden rule of selling books online. -Why authors [...]

Episode 55 - Chris Fox on Relaunching Your Novels to Give Your Backlist Life

In this episode, Chris and Becca visit with author Chris Fox about his new book, Relaunch Your Novel and how to make your backlist profitable. In this week's podcast we chat with Chris Fox about his new book, Relaunch Your Novel, and talk about how to systematically relaunch your backlist to give you a steady income. Good stuff.  Show Notes: [...]

Episode 54 - How to Get the Most Out of Summer Writer Conferences

In this episode, Chris and Becca talk about what to do before, during, and after summer writer conferences to get the best overall experience. Lot of tips for newbies and seasoned conference goers. Show Notes: -What you need to do before you even pack your suitcase. Get organized for maximum conference enjoyment! -Why the conference hotel bar is probably the [...]