Episode 53 - Balancing Creativity and Productivity in the Writer's Process

In this episode guest co-host Anne Janzer talks about her book, The Writer's Process and how writers need to balance productivity and creativity in their writing and their marketing.   SHOW NOTES:  -Why we need some distractions - focus alone will not produce maximum productivity. -How to balance the two different mental systems we are all equipped with: the Scribe [...]

Episode 52 - Facebook Updates Authors Need to Know About

In this episode Chris and Becca talk about the latest Facebook updates and why they are important to authors.  SHOW NOTES AND LINKS: -Previewing five new updates to groups and what they mean: Group Insights Membership request filtering Removed member clean-up Scheduled posts Group to group linking Also, we discuss two fairly new business page options and why authors need [...]

Episode 51 - How to Optimize Facebook Ads to Build an Email List

In today's episode Chris interviews Rebecca Pollard, Digital Marketing Manager from AWeber, on the process and how-to's of using Facebook ads to grow your email list.  Show Notes & Links: Definitions you'll need for the podcast (we got a little nerdy at times) CTA - call-to-action. This is the button, link, or text phrase that asks people to take an [...]

Episode 50 - Setting Up Pinterest As An Outpost Channel

In this episode Chris teaches a how-to episode by walking listeners through the process of setting up a Pinterest outpost channel. Show Notes & Links: -The two kinds of social media channels in book marketing: primary (engaging & selling) and outposts (redirect to primary for engagement and highlight short term campaigns).  -What is Pinterest and who is using it? -The [...]

Episode 49 - Is the Email Newsletter Dead?

In this episode Chris and Becca tackle one of the biggest email marketing questions: is the email newsletter dead? Show Notes & Links   -What are the four email options for your email marketing strategy? -Four goals that every author needs for their email marketing plan. -Why an email newsletter might not be for you. -Tips on how to improve [...]