Episode 86 - How Much Book Marketing is Enough?

Do you feel like you are spinning your wheels trying to market your books? There are so many options out there and so many authors telling us how they sold a boatload of books doing this one thing that you can do too. On our podcast this week, we invited Anne Janzer to talk about sustainable marketing--how much is enough [...]

Episode 85 - Marketing to Teens: Capturing the Elusive Generation Z with Kate Tilton

In this episode of our podcast, we interview book marketing expert Kate Tilton on how to reach the elusive teen market. Generation Z (teen) readers are those born after 1993. I know many of you write YA and you know authors that do as well. Please share this with them. I had a lot of fun with Kate talking about [...]

Episode 84 - How to Guarantee Your Long-Term Book Marketing Success

Hey all--I know it's been a while since I posted a podcast to my fellow authors. I hope to be more diligent in the future. ;) You can go to cksyme.com/podcast to find any episodes that are missing. This is a good one--didn't want you to miss this. In this episode Chris explains the five requirements for long-term book marketing [...]

Episode 79 - Build a Better Review Team With Krystal Shannan

In this episode Becca and Chris interview Krystal Shannan, contemporary and paranormal romance writer,on how to build a review team. Show Notes & Links - How to start from square one if you're a new author. -Why you need to have goals. -Tips on how to recruit reviewers. -Tips on how to make sure reviewers post their reviews. -How Krystal [...]

Episode 78 - How to Market Like A Boss with Honoree Corder & Ben Hale

In this episode, Chris and Becca interview authors Honoree Corder and Ben Hale about their newest book, Market Like A Boss. Learn the steps to turn your book into a blockbuster. Show Notes & Links -The difference between writing as a hobby and writing as a business. -Why you need a personal vision of success rather than a general vision [...]