Episode 76 - Facebook Profiles, Pages, and Groups...Oh My!

In this episode, Chris and Becca have an informal discussion about the three options for authors on Facebook for promoting books and engaging with readers: Facebook profiles, author business pages, and groups. Pros and cons of each in light of the new algorithm changes. Show Notes & Links: -The three types of Facebook pages authors use to promote their books [...]

Episode 75: Is This The End Of Facebook?

In this episode Chris gives her take on the latest Facebook algorithm changes and how they may affect authors. Keep calm and carry on. Show Notes & Links -Why social media is still the best place to engage with your fans. -Why you should not start using your Facebook personal profile to promote your books. -The three things you need [...]

Episode 74 - The Secret to Social Media Content That Engages and Sells Books

In this episode, Chris presents part two on the keys to book marketing success in 2018. This week we find out the secret to online content that engages and sells: it's called The Content Formula. Show Notes & Links: -Why audience research is your friend. -The three kinds of audience research you need to be doing. -Good audience research is [...]

Episode 73: Everything You Need to Know About the New Facebook Algorithm

In this episode, Chris talks about the new Facebook algorithm announced recently, and what it really means for authors. Show Notes & Links: Update: The FB free class in now closed. If you would still like access to the course, please send an email to chris@cksyme.com.  -Why won’t Facebook tell use exactly what is acceptable and what is not? -Is [...]

Episode 72: Where Book Marketing is Going in 2018 With Kevin Tumlinson

In this episode Chris talks with Draft2Digital (D2D) marketing Director Kevin Tumlinson on what is on the horizon for book marketing strategies in 2018. They also discuss D2D's recent decision to add Amazon as a distributor. Show Notes & Links: -Why content marketing is the next big thing in book marketing and what that means for authors. -Why building your [...]