Episode 103 - Stop Wasting Time Creating Social Media Content

My mom (Chris Syme) knows her stuff when it comes to content. In this podcast she outlines the three types of content every author needs to have to sell more books and build loyalty. Not channel you need to be on, but just the types of content you should be producing. Nothing more, nothing less. I’m off for a while. But you’re still getting the good stuff.

In this episode Chris gives listeners two cardinal rules to guide their content creation. Content doesn’t have to be complicated–it just needs to be strategic. Learn how to quit wasting time putting our purposeless content and do only the work that sells more books and builds raving fans.

Show Notes & Links:

-Two cardinal rules of content:

1. Your content should be designed to hit on one stage of the sales funnel (discovery, awareness, sales/conversions). It must be goal-driven. It may hit on two, but it needs to be aimed at one.

2. You need to have three different types of content to reach everyone you’re aiming at in that funnel.

-Three types of funnel content you need to sell more books:

1. Interruptive – content that interrupts what the user is already doing.

2. Opt-in – the content you’re already doing. Content that followers or fans have already opted in to. This content needs to follow the 80-20 Content Rule. Needs to provide value.

3. Search- content that is designed to help people find you and your books quickly and take a desired action when they are searching. Keyword-driven.

Links: click ’em, they’re live:

Becca’s Better-Faster Academy – check it out!

Chris’ class – The Content Formula: A blueprint for engagement and loyalty. Find out about the class here. 

Sumo (tools to help you convert people easier). They have a free beginner plan that integrates with WordPress for pop-up forms and more.

Link to Podcast 102 (How to optimize online bios for discovery)

Bryan Cohen’s copywriting manual, How to Write a Sizzling Synopsis

Link to Dave Chesson’s KDP Rocket

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