Episode 104 - The Secrets to Great Book Covers

A cover can make or break a book. On this week’s podcast, we asked cover design expert Joel Friedlander to share his expertise. He has a very cool monthly blog feature called the EBook Design Awards where authors can submit their covers for a critique. Every month he picks the best and talks about the strong and weak points of the covers. You are going to love this podcast–so much good stuff about how to put covers together–even on a budget. Don’t miss. 

Show Notes & Links:

-How Joel got into cover design.

-Chris’ monthly must-read: Learn to spot a good cover with Joel’s monthly ebook awards blog feature (see link to the feature below (and maybe submit your cover for a critique).

-Two considerations every great cover needs: create excitement and indicate the genre or category of the book

-There are good options and not-so-good options for covers on a budget.

-Why a cover can make or break the marketing of a book.

-What are some of the good alternatives for covers on a budget?

-What is the difference between template covers and single-sell pre-made covers?

-Why you need to see your cover in a thumbnail before you finalize it.

-Why nonfiction books need accurate sub-titles.

-The one time you don’t need a good book cover.

-Don’t miss Joel’s smarty pants marketing tip!

Links: click ’em, they’re live!

Joel’s monthly ebook Cover Awards feature

Joel’s cover design templates website

Submission form for the monthly ebook awards critique

Joel’s website (check out all his services) 

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