Episode 105 - What's Working in Book Marketing Now and What is Not with Kevin Tumlinson

In this episode Chris interviews Kevin Tumlinson, marketing director at Draft2Digital, about which book marketing trends are workin’ and which ones ain’t.¬† Wish I could have been in on this interview but, I’m in Nashville. I love this topic–content marketing. Something that works for every author at every level. Enjoy!

Links & Show Notes

-Draft2Digital’s newest staff member–we think you’ve heard of this guy!

-How D2D can help you get your books in WalMart.

-Meta data and how D2D helps you manage yours to save you time.

-Kevin reveals the latest book marketing trends that are working, not just trending.

-Why content marketing is a good fit for every author.

-Why buying ads to sell books might be losing their effectiveness.

-Content marketing can mean lower overhead and better returns if done to fit you and your audience.

Kevin’s tip: How focusing for 30 days will up your marketing game and help you do more with less.

Links: Click ’em, they’re live!

Becca’s Better-Faster Academy¬†

Kevin’s Wordslinger Podcast

Kevin on Facebook

Draft2Digital Website

Books2Read info (home of the universal link)

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