Episode 106 - What's the Difference Between an Agent and a Publicist?

Do you think you need an agent or a publicist? Sometimes I not sure we understand what each one does and how they can help us. In this week’s podcast, we asked publicity expert Sandra Beckwith to answer that question. 

Links & Show Notes:

-The job description of a publicist and how they help authors. Also, what they don’t do. When would you want one?

-The job description of an agent and how they help authors. Also, when you might want to use one.

-What you can expect to pay and what you’ll get.

-What to watch out for.

-Sandra’s tip: do you own research!

Links – Click ’em, they’re live

More information on Sandra and what she does for authors

Sandra’s blog post on why you should hire a publicist

How one author got ripped off and how to avoid it 

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