Episode 113 - The 3 Fundamentals to Start Selling More Books With Less Marketing

In this episode, Chris talks about three fundamentals you need to master to sell more books with less marketing. The beginning of a series on selling more books with less marketing in 2019.

Show Notes & Links:

The three fundamentals you need to master to give your marketing plan the best chance of success.

1. Platform: why a good book is no longer enough.

2. You need a Marketing Manifesto. No, we’re not going to take over the world, just set our own course for success with three important commitments.

3. Learn how to sell.

-Most authors don’t know the fundamentals of selling: how to reach readers in the various stages of the sales funnel, how to calculate important metrics like sell-through, or how to write copy that converts to sales.

-You can learn how to sell effectively without being sleazy or pushy.

Links: click ’em, they’re live:

Link to podcast 101: How to be a newsletter Ninja with Tammi Labrecque

Link to Chris’ updated book, The Author’s Guide to Sell More Books With Less Marketing (e-book only)

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