Episode 116 - Why Social Media Helps You Sell More Books

My mom, the data nerd, is back with another episode loaded with stats on why social media helps you sell books. All in the name of selling more books with less marketing. Hope you’re having a great week! 

In this week’s show Chris analyzes data on how social media helps word-of-mouth and increases sales. Also, why most authors only need one primary social media channel for their platform. And there is a nice shout-out to my new book. Thanks, Mom.

Show Notes:

-Know the why behind the power of social media.

-Updated social media stats.

-Updated research on why social media increases sales.

-70% of people over 13 years old are on at least one social media channel to connect (88% of 18-29 age group).

-Facebook and YouTube have the highest numbers and best age spread.

-Only 10% of people over 65 are on Instagram.

-A primary social media channel is the place where you connect with fans. You only need one in most cases.

-Why getting good at content is the key to your success.


Link to Hubspot research article

Link to Pew Internet research

Link to Becca’s new book, Dear Writer, You Need To Quit

Link to Chris’ book, The Authors Guide to Sell More Books With Less Marketing.

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