Episode 118 - The One Thing Every Author Needs to Quit

I got to introduce my new podcast, The Quitcast, on this week’s Smarty Pants Book Marketing Podcast with my mom. What fun. Be sure and listen–you’ll want to know the one thing you need to quit doing today.

Links & Show Notes

-Introducing The Quitcast, a new videocast on YouTube for authors who want to take the next step in their success journey as an author. There is nothing out there for authors like this show–you will want to become a regular!

-Challenging the premise that quitting something is negative. Why strategic quitting is good for you.

-What does your own personal success look like?

-Four actions that produce success…and which one we’re getting wrong.

-The one thing you need to quit today and why.

Show Notes (click ’em, they’re live)

The Quitcast videocast on YouTube

Find out more about Becca and The Better-Faster Academy

Visit Becca’s Patreon page and find out more perks for the show.

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