Episode 120 - How to Become a BookBub Ads Expert - part 1

This week, Chris starts a three-week series with David Gaughran, author of the new book, BookBub Ads Expert. In this first part, it’s all about how to test for success and find a template you can use to replicate for success.


Show Notes & Links:

-Why David wrote his new book and how he got his data.

-Why testing is absolutely necessary for success.

-Why conversions (sales) are a more important measure than click-throughs. Hint:clicks don’t tell the right story.

-Why you’ll get the best results with a discounted ad and why you should start there.

-How a “deal” can hook a reader to buy a full price book.

-Why testing helps you understand the nuances of the BookBub ad platform and how that works to your advantage.

-Why targeting big name, bestselling authors for your ads on BookBub won’t work like it does on Amazon or Facebook.

Links (click ’em, they’re live)

Get your copy of BookBub Ads Expert here

A link to David Gaughran’s website–sign up for his email list and get his free book, Amazon Decoded.

Link to the BookBub Partner Dashboard blog (good resources here)

Link to Becca Syme’s new videocast: The Quitcast.

-Link to leave a comment or ask a question on the podcast page

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