Episode 124 - Should You Start a Podcast?

In this week’s podcast, my Mom gives us a few good reasons to start a podcast and one big one not to. If you’re thinking about starting up a show, you should take a listen. This is going to be a multi-episode series. Enjoy!


Show Notes & Links:

-Always start with your “why.”

-One bad reason why you should not start a podcast

-You may want to consider starting a podcast if:

     1. You’re a nonfiction writer.

     2. You have a unique concept or better to solve a problem for your listeners.

     3. You know your way around technology adapt easy to new technologies.

     4. You have a large backlist of books.

     5. You are a good speaker and want to become a better one.

     6. You love connecting personally with your readers.

Links: click ’em, they’re live:

Write Better Faster Academy and Becca Syme’s Quitcast Show

Link to find out more about The GetPublished Conference in Bozeman,Montana June 15.

Chris’ book Sell More Books With Less Marketing     

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