Episode 128 - How to Handle an Online Crisis

On this week’s Smarty Pants Book Marketing Podcast, I get to interview my mom about her experience as a crisis manager and her tips for authors on how to handle an online attack. It’s a good one–our first in the Summer Blast From The Past series. Also, check out her book in the show notes:


Links and Show Notes:

 -Chris shares her experience in crisis management and why knowing how to handle a crisis is important.

-What you can do to help prevent a crisis.

-Why an engaged social media following is an important asset in a crisis.

-Your best crisis prevention: a good reputation.

-Why it’s important to evaluate the threat level of a crisis before taking an action.

-Examples of levels one, two, and three crises.

– Why some “crises” just need to be ignored.

Links – click ’em, they’re live¬†

The link for Chris’ book, Crisis Management For Authors (Amazon & also in Kindle Unlimited until May 31)

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