Episode 129 - How to Avoid Reputation Damage in a Twitter Storm

In a nutshell, know the rules of engagement. Authors need to learn how to protect their reputations by avoiding unnecessary conflict online. In this week’s podcast, number two in the series on crisis management, I interview my mom, an experienced crisis manager, on how to stay out of trouble online. 

Links & Show Notes:

-How to separate fact from fiction when determining your response.

-Why you need to remove your emotions from the picture before deciding on any action plan.

-How to know when you’re over your head and need help.

-How you can help a fellow author in a crisis without blasting on social media.

-More on the life of an online swam.

-Why weighing in on social media can make a crisis worse.

Links – Click ’em, they’re live

Link to listen to part one of the two-part series here

Check out Chris’ book Crisis Management For Authors

Check out my new videocast,The Quitcast, here

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