Episode 130- Time for a Midyear Book Marketing Check-Up

In this week’s podcast, Chris revisits her 2019 marketing recommendations. We’ll see how we’re all doing so far. 

Links & Show Notes:

-How’s your book marketing doing? Are your books selling as well as you’d hoped? It’s probably time for a book marketing check-up.

Why it’s time for a marketing disruption and what that means.

-Why readers’ desires are going to dictate the direction of marketing.

-Why books don’t sell: is it your marketing or is it the book’s quality?

-Why your idea of success needs to determine your marketing strategies.

-The two applications of disruptive marketing we’re going to cover in the series: writing to market and giving your current books a facelift.

-What we need to keep going forward (don’t throw out the baby with the bath water):

1. SMART marketing principles

2. The sales funnel or reader’s journey

3. Content strategy that engages readers

Links: click ’em, they’re live:

Link to Chris’ Amazon author page and the SMART Marketing for Authors book series.


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