Episode 47 - Find Your Best Market And Sell More Books

In this episode K-Lytics founder Alex Newton shows authors how targeted market research before you publish can help you sell more books.

Show Notes and Links

– What is K-Lytics and how does it help authors sell more books?

sell more books-How is K-Lytics different from other keyword-type tools out there?

-How you can know if your book has the potential to sell before you publish it.

-How to pick the right genre and sub-genre for your book’s success?

-What kinds of meta data will help you sell more books?

-Why your marketing budget may dictate what genre your book belongs in.

-If you’re considering writing in a new genre, what should you do to insure that your books will reach those readers?

Click here to see how K-Lytics works for authors. Watch the video.

Check out the genre market research reports that K-Lytics offers to authors. There are two pages so make sure you click “Older posts” to see all the reports.

The preorder for Chris’ new book, The Newbie’s Guide To Sell More Books With Less Marketing will be available this week. Make sure you get an email notification so you don’t miss the 99-cent preorder. Sign up for a notification here.

If you have a question or comment about this episode be sure and post it on the podcast page of our website at https://cksyme.com/episode47. Let’s get the conversation started!

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