Episode 55 - Chris Fox on Relaunching Your Novels to Give Your Backlist Life

In this episode, Chris and Becca visit with author Chris Fox about his new book, Relaunch Your Novel and how to make your backlist profitable.

In this week’s podcast we chat with Chris Fox about his new book, Relaunch Your Novel, and talk about how to systematically relaunch your backlist to give you a steady income. Good stuff. 

Show Notes:

– The first step in deciding whether to relaunch a book is assessment. Why it makes you squirm.

-Why your book’s genre is important in the relaunch process

-Why Chris uses a “no holds barred” approach when assessing his own books.

-The five types of relaunches

-What if I just want to give my book a makeover (cover, blurb, category check, etc)?

-Why a Product Family Map will help prioritize which of your books is worth a relaunch.

episode 55Links:

Link to Chris’ new book, Relaunch Your Novel

Connect with Chris here: http://www.chrisfoxwrites.com/

Link to Chris’ Product Family Map video on YouTube Also look for the video called The Power of Your Backlist.

Link to Chris Syme’s new book The Newbies Guide To Sell More Books With Less Marketing

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