Episode 60 - Dave Chesson on How To Use Keyword for Amazon Ads

In this episode, Chris and Dave Chesson dig into Amazon keywords–what are they, why do you need to know how to use them, and everything in between. You’ll want to take notes on this one. A learning lab episode. I am busy ¬†editing the last part of my upcoming book, Vangie Vale And The Corpseless Custard so Chris graciously took over this episode. Enjoy!

Show Notes & Links:

-Hear Dave’s story and how he got into self-publishing.

-What the heck is a keyword anyway and why you need to know.

-Where you should be using Amazon keywords.

-How to research the best keywords for your book or Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) ads.

-What is KDP Rocket and how it can save you tons of time in keyword research and help you find out if your book will make any money.

-The three criteria Amazon uses when deciding where and when to deliver your AMS ad.

-How long does it take an AMS ad to start delivering?

Links You’ll Need:

Click here to find out more about Chris’ new Facebook course.

Visit Dave’s website here.

Here’s the link to find out more about KDP Rocket.

Click here to get into Dave’s free AMS Ads online course–highly recommend.

-Dave’s¬†YouTube video on how to research keywords.

Click image for more info:
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