Episode 62 - How to Land Your Emails in the Inbox with AWeber's Tom Tate

In this episode we welcome Tom Tate, AWeber’s Product Marketing Manager gives us tips on how to land your emails in your subscribers’ inboxes. This episode is an email marketing Learning Lab–note taking will be valuable.

Show Notes & Links

-Why email companies screen your emails

-How email companies decide what is spam

-Why your content makes a difference–is yours valuable?

-Why getting target readers on your list is better than amassing large numbers of general readers

-How to educate your subscribers to make sure your emails land in the inbox.

-Tips on how to escape the dreaded spam tag

-Are you familiar with the CAN-SPAM Act?

-Tips on engaging subscribers in a conversation to boost engagement

-Why you need to include an unsubscribe link in every email

Clickable Links

Information on Chris’ new Facebook class

Learn about AWeber here

Link to info on the CAN-SPAM Act

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