Episode 67-Produce & Promote Your Own Audio Books With Kate Tilton

In this episode Chris and guest co-host Kate Tilton discuss the process of producing and promoting your own audio books.

Show Notes & Links:

-How ACX University helps authors navigate the audio book process.

-Some of the initial questions authors need to ask before considering audio books.

-Pros and cons of releasing an audio book at the same time as your ebook.

-What is the process of finding a narrator for your book?

-What kind of investment should you expect to make when producing an ebook?

-What is the difference between royalty shares and charging perhour of finished product?

-Tips for launching an ebook.

-How to find audio book reviewers.

Links (just click ’em)

ACX University

Kate’s post on 25 ways to market your audio book

Joel Friedlander interview with Kate and Hannah

Kate Tilton’s website

Kate’s Facebook page

Info on Chris’ online course, How To Set Up A Facebook Page That Sells More Books

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