Episode 69 - How to Write Like a Boss with Honoree Corder & Ben Hale

In this week’s episode we interview Honoree Corder and Ben Hale, co-authors of a new series of books designed to help authors make writing their full-time career and write like a boss.

Links & Show Notes:

-Why becoming a writing professional is like baking a batch of cookies.

-What the heck is a writing hobbyist?

-Why authors need business goals.

-Why you need to identify triggers that will help keep you on track to new habits of success.

-What is the difference in motivation between a writing hobbyist and a writing professional?

-Why you need to invite criticism of your books to succeed.

-How making a small change can develop a new habit.


Click here to get your copy of Write Like A Boss on Amazon

Honoree Corder’s author website

Ben Hale’s author website

Honoree’s Prosperity for Writers Mastermind Facebook Group

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