Episode 72: Where Book Marketing is Going in 2018 With Kevin Tumlinson

In this episode Chris talks with Draft2Digital (D2D) marketing Director Kevin Tumlinson on what is on the horizon for book marketing strategies in 2018. They also discuss D2D’s recent decision to add Amazon as a distributor.

Show Notes & Links:

-Why content marketing is the next big thing in book marketing and what that means for authors.

-Why building your own personal brand is your key to long-term success.

-Why personalization is going to be key in book marketing in 2018.

-Why “batch & blast” marketing techniques are not working to sell books.

-The nuts and bolts of how Draft2Digital works with authors and what kinds of services they offer.

-How you can automatically update your front and back matter with D2D’s publishing options.

-Why Amazon? Why now?

-How D2D’s Author Resources can help authors find help producing and marketing their books.

Important Links:

Click here to see Becca’s new cozy culinary mystery book coming out in early January.

Draft2Digital’s Author Resources page

Draft2Digital’s blog for authors

Get more info on Draft2Digital and the services they provide here

Draft2Digital’s Announcement Adding Amazon

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