Episode 73: Everything You Need to Know About the New Facebook Algorithm

In this episode, Chris talks about the new Facebook algorithm announced recently, and what it really means for authors.

Show Notes & Links:

Update: The FB free class in now closed. If you would still like access to the course, please send an email to chris@cksyme.com. 

-Why won’t Facebook tell use exactly what is acceptable and what is not?

-Is this really a new version of the “algorithm”?

-What percentage of authors will probably be affected by the new algorithm tweak?

-Can authors still run a poll on their Facebook page?

-How might this affect third party sites that offer contest and sweepstakes applications?

-Why it’s important to remember that the emphasis in the new tweak is on the baiting part and not on the likes, clicks, comments, and shares.

Links (click ’em, they’re live-no baiting here)

Facebook’s history of fighting click baiting (May 2017)

Facebook’s recent announcement on the new tweak to punish click, comment, reaction, and share baiting.

Facebook’s promotion guidelines (see letter E)

Mari Smith Facebook Live on the new changes

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