Episode 74 - The Secret to Social Media Content That Engages and Sells Books

In this episode, Chris presents part two on the keys to book marketing success in 2018. This week we find out the secret to online content that engages and sells: it’s called The Content Formula.

Show Notes & Links:

-Why audience research is your friend.

-The three kinds of audience research you need to be doing.

-Good audience research is free, but it costs your time.

-How to scout what other authors are doing well.

-The four pieces to the secret of engaging content that sells: The Content Formula.

-How you can find your Content Nexus.

-Make it simple: use “buckets” to organize your content.


-Research source links: Pew Internet Research, Buffer blog, EMarketer, Marketo blog.

-Free survey tools: Survey Monkey, TypeForm, Google Forms

– Becca’s new cozy mystery book: Vangie Vale And The Strangled Strudel

Free sample lesson from Chris’ new class, The Content Formula. This particular lesson is on Finding Your Content Nexus.

Find out about Chris’ new online class, The Content Formula, and get 50% off the enrollment fee until Jan. 22.

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