Episode 75: Is This The End Of Facebook?

In this episode Chris gives her take on the latest Facebook algorithm changes and how they may affect authors. Keep calm and carry on.

Show Notes & Links

-Why social media is still the best place to engage with your fans.

-Why you should not start using your Facebook personal profile to promote your books.

-The three things you need to do now to keep up with the changes.

-How to track your page on Facebook Insights (pdf-see links below)

-How to train your followers to list your page as a “See First” page and why you need to do that (link to Vimeo video below)

-Above all, keep calm, carry on, and know what’s happening on your own page.


How to track your engagement and reach on Facebook Insights to know what’s happening with your own engagement (pdf). This is a three page-pdf and the page toggle is at the top of the document.

Short video on how to train your followers to designate your page as a “See First” page to keep your posts in their newsfeeds.

The official Facebook announcement on the changes

Chris’ new online class on how to write content that engages now regardless of the algorithm changes. Info here.

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