Episode 79 - Build a Better Review Team With Krystal Shannan

In this episode Becca and Chris interview Krystal Shannan, contemporary and paranormal romance writer,on how to build a review team.

Show Notes & Links

– How to start from square one if you’re a new author.

-Why you need to have goals.

-Tips on how to recruit reviewers.

-Tips on how to make sure reviewers post their reviews.

-How Krystal keeps her reviewers engaged.

-The difference between a beta reader and a review team member.

-Why authors should not get obsessed with reading their reviews.

-When you should look at your reviews.

-Krystal’s smarty pants tip.

Links (click’em, they’re live)

Krystal Shannan’s author website

Krystal’s Amazon Author Page

Krystal’s author Facebook page

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