Episode 84 - How to Guarantee Your Long-Term Book Marketing Success

Hey all–I know it’s been a while since I posted a podcast to my fellow authors. I hope to be more diligent in the future. ;) You can go to cksyme.com/podcast to find any episodes that are missing. This is a good one–didn’t want you to miss this.

In this episode Chris explains the five requirements for long-term book marketing success–the SMART acronym.

Show Notes & Links

-Five concepts that will guarantee your book marketing is successful in the long run. If you build it, they will come.

-Why the SMART marketing acronym is more than just a slick slogan.

-Why sustainable marketing is key–what it is and is not.

-Is your marketing manageable or is it overtaking your life?

-Nobody writes a book for everybody. Your marketing needs to be audience-specific.

-Relevant is not about having all the latest bells and whistles. It’s about building a strong author-reader connection.

-Why tactics come after the strategy–and why many of us confuse the two.

-Always weigh the why before you use a tactic.

-Facebook and Instagram are not strategies–they are tactics. Don’t shoot at a target blindfolded. Tactics-last, strategy-first.

Links (click ’em, they’re live)

Join the SMART Marketing for Authors Facebook group (you’ll have to answer a few questions to get in)

Winter Wonderland picture link

-Chris’ latest book The Newbies Guide To Sell More Books With Less Marketing. (more on SMART Marketing)

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